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GOGREEN @ Chinatown Point

🌿 Join Us on a GoGreen Journey at Chinatown Point! 🌿
Ready to make a difference? Let’s unite at Chinatown Point to champion sustainability and be part of something truly impactful.

❀️ Support The Art Faculty Rewards
When you spend at Chinatown Point, redeem spending rewards that directly support artists from The Art Faculty, a social enterprise by Autism Resource Centre (Singapore). Featuring unique motifs crafted by artists on the autism spectrum, The Art Faculty Dining Mats and 3-in-1 Travel Organisers add creativity to your life while empowering these artists towards financial independence and the value of work.

πŸ‘— Sustainable Shopping
Immerse yourself in conscious shopping at GoGreen Market x Refash! Thrift your old favorites to give them new life and reduce textile waste. Support sustainable fashion by selling your pre-loved garments to Refash, contributing to a circular economy. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore brand new off-season clothes from beloved brands like Love, Bonito, and Pomelo, available at Chinatown Point from 18 to 31 March 2024, Indoor Atrium, Level 1.

Together, let’s make a positive impact! Choose sustainability, choose positive change. GoGreen at Chinatown Point – where every step brings us closer to a greener, better tomorrow! πŸŒπŸ’š

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